Conveyancing Maryborough: facts for the first time buyer

For anyone looking to purchase a property for the first time, conveyancing might not be too easy to understand. There is a pressure to arrange the finance for a new home along with making sure that all legal documentation is in place as well.

Finding the right legal service provider is crucial at this point. Besides getting the finance for the place, the second most important things to is to find a lawyer to help assist with the legal matters. Conveyancing solicitors in Marybrough can help make the process easier.

The following are a few facts on conveyancing.

  • Conveyancing involves the transfer of properties from one owner to another
  • It is always advisable to go for professional conveyancing in Maryborough
  • The major reason why anyone would hire a conveyancing lawyer is to make sure that all the documentation of the property are in order and that there are no hidden issues.
  • It helps the buyer buy the house in a smooth way where there is no hitch and no legal matters which might hinder the process.
  • For those buying a house the conveyancer might ask for an upfront search deposit. This is simply done to ensure that the conveyancer has enough cash for disbursement on your behalf.

How much will I be charged for conveyancing in Maryborough?

The amount for the complete process can vary, it depends on all of the following factors:

  • The value of the property. There are several firms which still charge the fee based upon the size of the property. It is better to avoid such firms because things have changed and the size of the property really shouldn’t have an impact on the conveyancing fee.
  • A property which has a lease hold might have a higher conveyancing fee because of the additional paper work which might be involved.
  • For a home which is a high risk area and which would require more research the fee would definitely be more.
  • In cases where there is a matter of missing papers such as guarantee and permissions, the buyer or the seller might need to invest in an insurance policy. Your conveyancing solicitor would guide you on this matter.


When you ask for a conveyancing quote you need to make that it should consist of two parts. The first part involves the basic fee. This is the fee which the solicitor charges for their time and documentation. The second is based upon disbursements.

The following are a few disbursements which you might encounter during the whole process:

  • Copies for land registry. These involves copies for both the buyer and the seller
  • If you are buying a property with a mortgage there is a need for a bankruptcy search o be carried out.
  • Drainage searches
  • Liability searches
  • Environmental searches
  • Land registry fees
  • Land tax

Do you need conveyancing in Maryborough? Conveyancing is a pretty competitive proceeding. Make sure you pick the right solicitor to help you with the process. Avoid falling into a trap. If something appears to be too cheap, make sure to check the document for legal clauses.


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