About Port Fairy

Port Fairy

Port Fairy is a small, coastal town situated in Victoria, Australia. Port Fairy was voted as the World’s Most Liveable Community in 2012, with a prize presented in Abu Dhabi. Port Fairy’s total population is under 20,000.

This article will showcase the various activities that you can do in Port Fairy, including art and culture, food and wine experiences, and festivals.

What to Do in Port Fairy

Relax, breathe, and unwind in Port Fairy. If you’re up for some sightseeing, then Port Fairy is the best go-to place for you! Stunning views are awaiting!

Spending a day in Port Fairy would mean a day of walking and swimming. The East Beach is famous for its laid-back style. Aside from swimming, you could also go surfing or soaking up the sun – but don’t ever forget to apply sunscreen lotion!

Attractions that you should visit whilst in Port Fairy are the following:

  • The Glenelg River
  • The Great Southern Walk
  • Port Campbell
  • A dormant volcano
  • Codrington Wind Farm

Up for some history? Port Fairy has two walking trails: the first is the History Town Walk; the second is the Shipwreck and Maritime Heritage Walk. Yes, both historical walks have self-guided walking maps.

Art & Culture

Apart from a rich history, Port Fairy is also passionate about art and culture. They have shops for antiques, wood arts, paintings, crafts, and miscellaneous things like perfume bottles. The following are shops that can be found in Port Fairy:

  • Lowenthal Auctions
  • Periwinkle Antiques
  • Heather Wood
  • Brian Dunlop
  • Port Fairy Men’s Shed
  • Andrea’s Collection

Food & Wine Experiences

Fall in love with Port Fairy for its exquisite food and wine choices. Grab some snacks and just chill at the bar. Featured wines are as follows: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Henty Pinot Gris, Merlot, Shiraz, and a whole lot more! Care for an Irish pub theme? Port Fairy also has that!


What would be the World’s Most Liveable Community if there were no festivals? Festivals make a place meaningful and colorful. Port Fairy’s culture includes festivities that you’ll want to experience.

Moyneyana Festival

This is the most wonderous festival in Port Fairy, as it offers free entertainment and enjoyable activities in town! This festival usually runs for about a month.

Port Fairy Jazz Festival

This jazz festival is run by volunteers. They provide ten different venues, including a few for dancing. This event is closed with a Sunday morning gospel service.

Koroit Irish Festival

As the name implies, the Koroit Irish Festival commemorates Port Fairy’s Irish history.