Why Visit Port Fairy

We all know that Port Fairy is a small, coastal town in Australia. It’s small and terrible! Terrible, in a positive and beautiful way. Like any other destinations and places in the world, Port Fairy also has a ton of wonderful things to offer to wanderers.

Here are five reasons to consider visiting Port Fairy:

It’s the best town in the world!

In 2012, Port Fairy won the title ‘World’s Most Livable Town.’ Yes, across countries, Port Fairy won this award. Who doesn’t fall in love with this majestic, little town that has tons of surprises to offer? A simple, yet healthy and happy, life is gained when you reside in Port Fairy.

Just imagine those homemade baked cakes, the lovely seaside scenic view, the wonderful and friendly people, a number of boutique-style shops, less crowds, and plenty of heritage sites. Truly, simplicity at its best!

Historical walks and culture

Every place has its own story, and this makes a place more interesting. Port Fairy is a little town, but is rich in history and culture. If you want to discover more about Port Fairy, you can always go for a self-guided historical walk. There are two historical walks in Port Fairy, and these showcase the historic significance of over seventy buildings. Maps are provided for these walks.

You must also check out Port Fairy’s local talents. Galleries of sculptors, painters, and jewelers can be found in Port Fairy. Aside from that, you could also attend some music festivals, such as the Spring Music Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Best accommodations in town

Looking for an epic accommodation? Port Fairy has that! Luxury bed and breakfasts. Best part of it? Most accommodations are pet-friendly, so you could bring along your lovely dogs too.

It’s Nature-rific

If you’re a nature lover, you’re going to appreciate Port Fairy for sure. Suggested nature trips include: Griffiths Island and lighthouse; Whale Bone Studio Arts; the Glenelg River; the dormant volcano, Port Campbell; and a lot more. Every attraction is picturesque. Get ready with your camera to take some shots.

Food and shopping

If you want to eat healthy, go to Port Fairy. Port Fairy’s food shops offer extra-healthy meals, while at the same time, making everything sumptuous! They always put effort into preparing their dishes, and this is evidenced by their artistic plating!

Are you a shopaholic? Scout for a great deal when you buy cutesy things from their boutique-style shops! Go shop-hopping, as everything is worth checking out!