Things to Do

Things to Do in Port Fairy

Port Fairy is a small, coastal town in Australia, but it will surprise you with so many things to do. Whatever season or time you go, rest assured that there are things for you to enjoy whilst in Port Fairy.

Here are the five suggested things that you can do in Port Fairy:

Walk… Walk… Walk…

If you’re the type of person who loves walking as an exercise, I bet that you would enjoy walking in Port Fairy. Port Fairy is known for its rich culture, seaside scenic view, and heritage walk. May it be for leisure, culture, or history, there is always an amazing trail for it.

Leisure Walk

Go for a walk along the coast. Port Fairy’s fishing ports are some of the busiest in Victoria, Australia. From the port, if you head south, you’ll end up at Griffiths Island, one of Port Fairy’s major attractions. One picture-worthy spot is the Griffiths Island Lighthouse.

Cultural Walk

This walk showcases Port Fairy’s arts and culture. Local artisans opened their own galleries to expose Port Fairy’s culture through their talents. A collection of paintings, ceramics, and other vintage items await you on this walk.

Historical Walk

Ever curious of Port Fairy’s history? You could take their heritage walk. A self-guided map will be handed to you, but you can always arrange a guided tour. Note that there are two historical trails that can be accessed: the History Town Walk and the Shipwreck and Maritime Heritage Walk.

See, Hear, and Taste

Appreciate the scenic views of Port Fairy. Hear their folk and jazz music. Taste their delicious dishes. You’ll want to experience all that Port Fairy has to offer.


Surfing is one of the many enjoyable activities to do in Port Fairy. Grab your board and surf. Surf classes are also open for those who would like to learn. A two-hour session is conducted.


Tired of walking along the trails in Port Fairy? Then go for a spa. Services such as massage, facial, and body treatments are being offered to relax those tiring muscles and remove the stress. The Port Fairy Day Spa is open every 9am-6:30pm from Monday through Friday; 9am-6pm on Saturdays; and 11am-4pm on Sundays.

Tours and Adventures

You can book some tours and adventures in Port Fairy if you’re willing to pay the price. They can offer you these kinds of adventures:

  • Codrington Wind Farm Tours
  • Port Fairy Helicopters
  • Southern Coast Charters