Accommodation in Port Fairy

6 Tips to Find Affordable Accommodation in Port Fairy

You’re taking a vacation: what’s the first thing that you concern yourself with finding? Accommodation. Everyone wants a comfortable and secure place to rest after a busy day of exploring the area, but the truth is that this isn’t easy to find, especially if you’re on a budget. How about you open yourself up to new ideas? Finding affordable accommodation in Port Fairy can be quite easy if you use the following tips:

  1. Shared Rooms

If you are traveling as a group, a shared room can minimize your cost and turn into a fun experience. If the beds in the room do not provide enough space for everyone, many hotels even allow you to bring in sleeping bags.

  1. Try Hostels

Many people think of school when they hear this word, but there are a lot of them in Port Fairy that are solely meant for travelers. The best part is that they’re incredibly cheap. You can easily find a shared hostel that costs less than $10 in a comfortable and safe environment.

  1. Visit During the Weekdays

Many hostels and hotels raise their rates during the weekend. If you can do it, get away during the week.

  1. Staying With Locals

Locals who offer bed and breakfast to travelers usually don’t charge as much as hotels. If you stay with locals, you can learn more about the culture and even get tips on where you should visit.

  1. Think Off-Peak

If your purpose for travelling is to simply see some sights and explore the area, then it is wise for you to make your trip for off-peak seasons. These include the beginning of the year, right after the festivities end and before summer begins. Avoid any holiday seasons and you are sure to find very affordable accommodation.

  1. Stay Outside the City

Sure, staying within the city has its perks, but the cost of accommodation in Port Fairy is much higher in the large centers. Consider seeking accommodation out of the city and you can use the money that you would have spent on accommodation on something fun and adventurous!

Remember simple tricks like booking places that offer free cancellations and requesting a discount if you are staying for a long period of time. You can look at booking sites for offers and ideas of where to get accommodation in Port Fairy for a cheaper price.