Duties and Roles of Solicitors in Armidale

The legal profession includes barristers, lawyers, and solicitors. They all perform the same functions and roles. Yet, some corporations or individuals hire solicitors rather than barristers or lawyers to handle all their legal matters.

In Armidale, what are the duties and roles of solicitors Armidale that can help their clients?

The important services solicitors provide for clients include:


Good legal advice

Consulting a solicitor for serious legal issues such as failure to pay the correct amount of various government obligations like company taxes is best. The solicitor is the best legal help on your side that can prevent legal action to be filed against you in government-related situations. They also offer the best proper remedies to solve the issue or file a counter action if a case has been launched against you.


Prepare all the necessary documents of the case

While solicitors cannot represent you in court, they are the best planners to have in your legal team. A lawyer can defend your case in court but the preparation of all legal documents is handled by solicitors. Additionally, solicitors can give lawyers and clients the best way to proceed or answer the case filed against them.


Draft and write Legal Agreements

Legal agreements can be a confusing maze of legalities for a layman. Yet, legal agreements are legally binding once executed and signed by the involved parties. Navigating through the complexities of the legal process can be helped by the right solicitor. A solicitor tasked with mediating the legal agreement will ensure that all inclusions, obligations, and exclusions are understood by all parties.


Handle all manner of legal transactions and negotiations

Disputes can be resolved using proper communication. Legal cases can be prevented from being filed when good communication is established between two parties. Solicitors can handle all manner of legal transactions and negotiations for and on behalf of their clients. A good solicitor will always put the interest of his/her client first in any transaction or negotiation.


Keep legal files confidential

Legal files are confidential and important files. This makes it doubly important to keep them safe. For instance, company secrets are part of legal files. Putting them at risk is the last thing you want. Making the files safe from all manner of theft is to entrust them to a trustworthy solicitor.

Company obligations such as taxes have to be filed before the expiration date. Entrusting these types of company obligations to a solicitor is the smartest way to avoid litigations.


Qualities of a Good Solicitor


  • Always put the client’s interest first
  • Always show courteousness and honesty in their dealings with their clients
  • Always competent, diligent, and prompt in delivering legal services
  • Always prevent things from compromising their integrity
  • Always provide timely and clear advice to their clients
  • Always follow the competent, lawful, and proper instructions of their client
  • Always avoids any issues of conflict
  • Always upholds client confidentiality
  • Always informs the client regarding cost or charge changes
  • Always honour the legal practice in all their undertakings


In the legal world, a fiduciary relationship is established between a client and their chosen solicitor. The meaning of fiduciary is “trust” which means that the relationship works both ways for the client and the solicitor. Turnbull Legal have solicitors in Armidale. We are here to establish a fiduciary relationship with you.




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